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      Linear guides are important components

      Time:2019/9/4Author:adminClick: 1341
      Workers in the machinery industry, machine tools are not suitable for any eccentric, then some high-precision machine tools, and complete high-precision things, then the rail is an important machine tool accessories, linear guides are not an exception.

      The linear guide is primarily used to support and guide the moving parts to move along a certain trajectory and to bear the weight of the moving parts and the work load. The two parts of the relative movement form a pair of linear guide rails, and the stop mating surface is called a fixed rail or a stop rail, and the moving mating surface is called a motion rail or a motion rail. In general, only one degree of freedom is allowed between the moving rail and the fixed rail.

      According to the conflict situation of the contact surface of the linear guide rail, the guide rails commonly used in production can be divided into: sliding guide rails, tumbling guide rails and other guide rails. For CNC machine tools, the most widely used in recent years is the rolling linear guide.

      Linear guide rails, sliders, commutators, cages, end caps and sealing baffles, etc., when the rails and sliders move relative to each other, the hardened steel balls are along the guide rails and precision grounded, and finally passed back to the equipment Then enter the competition, the steel ball so repeat the tumbling movement. The back burner is provided with a dust-proof sealed end cap to prevent dust and debris from entering the inside of the slider. This is how the linear guide works.

      The linear guide is suitable for high-speed linear motion, and its instantaneous speed is about 10 times that of the sliding guide. It simplifies the design and fabrication of mechanical structures and achieves high positioning accuracy and repeatability. Therefore, it is irreplaceable in the use of machine tools.
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