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      The importance of linear guides in water separation

      Time:2019/10/29Author:adminClick: 1569
      When using linear guides, we often touch the water directly, such as machining centers and lathes. During the operation, water splashes on the linear guides. If the guide oil is not very good in water distribution. Then, it will be directly decomposed by water, and the oil will drip into the cutting fluid, causing the cutting fluid to be seriously polluted, so the linear guide is very important in the function of water separation. Linear Guides

      Many fine machine tools are more convenient to use, so the same type of oil will be used on both the linear guide and the hydraulic system. In fact, Xiao Bian advocates that it is best to use the hydraulic guide rail dual-use oil. If you use hydraulic oil alone, it will be because The anti-wear function is not good, which causes the linear guide to show severe wear or is washed away directly by water. However, if only the guide oil is used, it may cause too much sludge in the hydraulic system, resulting in the pressure not meeting the requirements. Linear Guides

      Basically all imported machinery likes to use the centralized oil supply method in the lubrication of the guide rails. In fact, the guide rail oil and the extreme pressure grease are directly installed in the same transparent container, and then the machine will automatically replenish, whether it is Which kind of oil, the grease used in the linear guide can not be used again in the loss of performance, and many of the guide rails are basically directly exposed to the outside, and can not be recycled and circulated. The fretting wear is a pit with depressions on the same channel. The distance between them is based on the entire diameter of the steel ball, mainly because of the lack of oil film, and in the process of shorter composition. The sensation appears to accelerate the event of oxidation.
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