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      Linear guide alignment (axis alignment) method

      Time:2020/6/9Author:adminClick: 1317
      The linear guide is a part that connects the shaft and the shaft. The alignment of the linear guide is actually the coaxiality of the shaft. The alignment is just one of the main missions of the mechanical device. The goal of alignment is to make the middle line of the automatic axis and the driven axis on a unified line when the machine is on a mission.

      Excessive coaxiality error will cause additional load on the linear guide, transmission shaft and its bearings. It caused mechanical vibration, premature bearing wear, mechanical seal failure, linear guide damage, and even frustrated fracture.

      Now the following methods are used to find the linear guide:

      1>. Ruler plug rule is generally used for machines with low speed and low precision.

      2>. The double-meter method is generally applicable to small and medium-sized machinery that uses rolling bearings and has low axial movement.

      3>. The three-table method has high precision and is suitable for precision machinery and high-speed machinery that require accurate alignment. Such as steam turbine, centrifugal compressor, etc., but the operation and calculation of this method are relatively complicated.

      4>. The single-table method has high centering accuracy. It can be used not only for the alignment of mechanical shafts with small hub diameters and large shaft end distances, but also for large-scale multi-axis units (such as high-speed, high-power centrifugal tightening) Align the shaft of the unit). Using this method for shaft alignment can also eliminate the effect of axial movement on the alignment accuracy. The operation is convenient, and the adjustment amount is simple. It is a better way to align the shaft.
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