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      Application of cylindrical linear guide in woodworking machinery

      Time:2020/6/17Author:adminClick: 1161
      Woodworking machinery refers to a type of machine tool that processes semi-finished wood products into wood products in the wood processing process. Guide rail slider is an important part of woodworking machinery, which determines the quality of wood processing. Woodworking machinery does not have high requirements for the accuracy of the guide rail, but because its working environment is dusty and debris, the dustproof function of the guide rail slider is relatively high.

      What are the rails for woodworking machinery?

         1. Cylindrical linear guide. Cylindrical linear guide is a common guide in woodworking machinery. Some people call it round bar guide, round guide, etc. The main material is aluminum profile. The cylinder is generally high carbon steel, which is divided into carbon steel soft shaft and carbon steel hard shaft. , There is bearing steel. The slider is generally made of aluminum, the inside of the slider is a linear bearing, and the inside of the bearing is generally a plastic frame with steel balls.

               2. The single slide of the cylindrical guide rail will sway left and right. Generally, two slides are used together to balance the slide. The accuracy is not high, but because of its simple structure, cheap price, and serious negative load, it is loved by many people.
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