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      There is no need for a central medium between the moving element and the fixed element of the linear guide

      Time:2020/6/28Author:adminClick: 1096
      No central medium is used between the moving element and the fixed element of the linear guide

          The linear guide has the guidance technology of the precise workpiece table. The primary function of the linear guide is to support and guide the moving parts to move along a certain trajectory. This is the basis for the workpiece table to complete the linear trajectory movement. Because the four pieces with excellent balance are placed, a satisfactory preload can be applied, and the rigidity can be simply increased. In addition, the strength of mounting bolts and LM slides has also been strengthened and planned. Heavy-duty cutting machines have many practical uses.

      Automatic adjustment

            The effect of the automatic adjustment ability generated by the front combination of the arc grooves (DF combination) can absorb equipment errors even if it is given preload, and then can obtain high-precision smooth and stable linear motion.

      Poor durability

            Even if there is a preload or partial load effect, there will be no differential sliding of the ball, and then adhere to the smooth rolling motion. Therefore, it has excellent wear resistance and can temporarily maintain high precision. . When the working parts of the machine tool move, the steel ball circulates in the groove of the bracket, distributes the wear of the bracket to each steel ball, and then extends the service life of the linear guide. In order to eliminate the empty space between the bracket and the guide rail, the pre-loading can advance the stability of the guide rail system and obtain the pre-loading. The steel ball between the guide rail and the bracket exceeds the standard. The tolerance of the steel ball diameter is ±20 microns, in 0.5 micron increments, the steel balls are selected and classified, and installed on the guide rails respectively. The size of the pre-load depends on the force acting on the steel ball. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, the steel ball will experience a pre-loading time that is too long, resulting in increased resistance to movement of the bracket. There is a balance problem here; in order to advance the sensitivity of the system and reduce the resistance to movement, the preload must be reduced accordingly, and for the accuracy of the forward movement and the persistence of precision, it is necessary to have a satisfactory preload negative number, which is hostile. aspect.
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